DTC eCommerce Journeys
We go places. We acquire distinguished Direct To Consumer (DTC) eCommerce brands, and we take them to the next level.

We would be happy to share our growth ambitions with you.
DTC Equity is a private equity firm specializing in the acquisition of established, successful, and steadily growing Direct To Consumer (DTC) eCommerce brands.

We operate on a deal-to-deal basis providing faster, more stable, and better economics to our partners than other investments. We do it together.
Discover how we do it
We care. We build. We set the bar high.
Phase 1
We identify the ideal business
Our research department, with the help of DealScout, our proprietary platform, finds niche DTC eCommerce brands matching our investment criteria.

We do not stop here. We devote our team of talented specialists and we assess each one of the prospects until we identify the ideal candidate.

We are powered by experience and supported by data.
Phase 2
The buying & planning process
Unlike other Private Equity firms, we perform a buying and planning process in parallel. While our legal and financial team conducts due diligence, we are working towards a comprehensive business plan.

In addition, we start putting together all the necessary human and technical resources needed to better the business.
Phase 3
Where magic happens
We take it to the next level!
The resting point of other equity firms is where we start. Upon transaction completion, we start executing the plan we crafted during the previous phase. Our team of professionals (executives, marketing specialists etc.) joins forces with the new member of our family.

We do not just acquire businesses.
We make them thrive.
Investment Criteria
Are you looking to sell your business? Contact us!
Investment Size
$1.5 Mil - $20 Mil USD
15% or higher
Closing Price
3 - 5 ½ x EBITDA
N. America, UK, EU & AU
Our indispensable team
A team of 12 dedicated and charismatic professionals work enthusiastically every day under the inspiring leadership of our founder.
Investing together with great integrity
We believe in long-term, strong partnerships. Your goal is our goal. Reach us out and let's explore together the available options.
Seller? Leverage our strength
Are you looking to sell your DTC or eCommerce business? We would love to hear more about it.
A better alternative to PE funds
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